Quick Answer: Will PepsiCo Stock Go Up?

Is PepsiCo a good stock?

PepsiCo will never be a big growth stock, but for dividend investors, it looks like a solid buy.

It offers a reliable, slowly growing dividend, growth opportunities in snacks and international markets, and a recession-resistant base of well-known consumer staples brands.

Why is PepsiCo stock dropping?

While PepsiCo’s stock has declined due to the Coronavirus/Oil Price War crisis, going by trends seen during the 2008 slowdown, it’s likely that it could bounce back strongly but potentially underperform the broader market (due to rebounding less as it dropped less) as the crisis winds down.

Is PepsiCo stock going to split?

PepsiCo stock has not split in 20 years and the share price exceeds the range it traded in prior to previous share splits. It has been argued the PepsiCo share price is becoming too expensive for the small investor.

How can I invest in PepsiCo stock?

Shares can be purchased online at www.computershare.com/investor. Existing shareowners should log on to the Investor Centre website and select Buy Shares from the Transactions tab. How do I sell PepsiCo stock? If you’re a member of Investor Centre, you can sell your shares online.