Question: Will Google Ever Die?

Google will die when it becomes irrelevant, and even then it won’t be an overnight process.

If you want to see the distant future of Google, look no further than Yahoo – a case study in the long-term death of a startup.

What happens when Google dies?

Google treats its dead employees better than some companies do their living workers. Google’s unusual “death benefits” include paying the deceased’s spouse or domestic partner 50% of their salary for 10 years, the company’s “chief people officer” Laszlo Bock revealed in an interview this week with Forbes.

Will Google ever go out of business?

Yes, Google may go out of business faster than we can imagine. All companies die when they become irrelevant. Google will quickly die if they don’t evolve faster than the technologies through which Google reaches their users. All companies die when they become irrelevant.

Is Google on the decline?

Google is not in an absolute decline, but it is in a relative decline. Google is the USA and Facebook is China. Our GDP can grow indefinitely, but at some point, we will be outpaced. That’s what’s happening with Google now.

What is Google’s future?

Google provides a way to synthesize small moments and global advancements. Alphabet has its hand in every facet of our future from driverless cars, communications, wearable technology, renewable energy, health and urban development Google touches everything that pushes the human race forward.