Quick Answer: Will Apple Stocks Rise?

Apple stock is on pace for its best year since 2009, but it has room to run higher in 2020, a longtime Apple (AAPL) analyst says.

On the stock market today, Apple stock dipped a fraction to 289.80.

Through Friday’s close, Apple stock has risen 83.7% so far in 2019.

Will Apple stocks go up?

Yes. The AAPL stock price can go up from 251.145 USD to 297.701 USD in one year.

Is Apple a good buy for 2020?

After a great 2019, Apple stock looks like it will be a top choice for 2020 as well. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock reports earnings on Tuesday afternoon, and all eyes will be on the California-based giant to see if Tim Cook can add another chapter of growth on top of AAPL’s amazing run in 2019.

Are Apple stocks a good investment?

Investors generally should look for stocks that enjoy at least 25% earnings and sales growth on a quarterly and annual basis. And the stronger the better. For a long time, Apple earnings and sales growth was massive, especially for such a large company.

How much higher can Apple stock go?

Many are looking for more upside in Apple stock, with the stock receiving five price targets in excess of $300 in the last 10 days. Currently, the highest sits at $350 and comes from Wedbush analyst Dan Ives.