Quick Answer: Will Amazon Employees Get A Raise In 2020?

Are Amazon employees getting a raise?

Amazon plans to hire 100,000 workers in the US and raise pay in the UK, US and Europe as it deals with a surge in demand related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The online retail giant said it would spend $350m (£286m) increasing hourly pay by $2 in the US, £2 in the UK and €2 in the EU until the end of April.

Why did Amazon raise wages?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos challenged rival retailers to increase their minimum wages to $16 per hour, in his annual letter to shareholders released on Thursday. Amazon in November had raised its own minimum wage to $15 per hour in response to the ongoing criticism around pay disparity and poor working conditions.

How much is Amazon paying an hour?

Average Hourly Rate for Amazon.com Inc Employees

Amazon.com Inc pays its employees an average of $16.26 an hour. Hourly pay at Amazon.com Inc ranges from an average of $12.05 to $28.79 an hour.

When did Amazon raise minimum wage?

With the $15-an-hour minimum starting November 1, Amazon positions itself as a business that supports the “living wage” figure that many people and some popular political figures have championed.