Quick Answer: Why Is Google So Popular?

The web giant develops Android, the most used mobile OS.

There are Adsense, AdWords, and lots other services offered by the company.

The simple reason behind Google’s popularity is its user friendliness and innovative ideas which you can notice in its search engine, email and other life-changing services.

Google’s success originated in one simple insight from its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They realised in the late 1990s that the sprawling, chaotic mass of material that was cascading onto the world wide web could be tamed by ranking search results according to their popularity.

What is so special about Google?

The company’s lightning-fast and mostly accurate search results put Google at the front of the search engine race – no small feat considering that search is the second-most common activity on the Internet, right below email use. Internet users now conduct more than 200 million searches per day on Google.

Why is Google search engine so successful?

Google is so successful because at the time that it launched it provided much better search results than any of it’s competitors. As a matter of fact, Google’s effectiveness was the main reason that people started to use Search Engines way more than they did in the past.

Why is Google successful globally?

In a nutshell, Google is successful because it creates products that solve problems and create tremendous value for its users. Products that deliver a great user experience and improve people’s lives tend to become habit forming.