Quick Answer: Why Is Charli D’Amelio Famous?


How did Charli D’Amelio become famous?

Charli became popular after uploading a dancing video for the video “Lottery (Renegade)” and also for joining TikTok’s Hype House collective in LA. Renegade became so popular that it became a meme in itself.

What TikTok made Charli famous?

Charli D’Amelio can pinpoint the video that began her climb to stardom on the short form video app TikTok. In July, D’Amelio, 15, posted a video duet — a side-by-side video — with another user called “Move With Joy,” in which she followed Joy’s easy-to-learn dance choreography.

When did Charli D’Amelio became famous?

D’Amelio is perhaps most well known for “The Renegade”: a dance to the song, “Lottery,” by rapper K-Camp. The dance became a popular meme across TikTok in October 2019 and propelled D’Amelio into the TikTok elite.

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