Quick Answer: Why Are Target Prices Cheaper Online?

Are Target online prices the same as in store?

Target’s Price Match Policy

Online competitors include major retailers such as Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, and many others.

Target will match Target.com prices for in-store purchases and in-store prices for Target.com purchases.

However, it will not match in-store prices from other Target stores.

Why are target prices cheaper online than in store?

We don’t price match clearance prices or other Target stores. We do price match online prices as long it is not a clearance price. Buy the clothing at the cheaper target and just return your online order at any target with the packing slip. We don’t match other stores’ clearance prices.

Why do targets have different prices?

Target’s app will show different prices of the same items, depending on your location. Target cares about where you are. Target prioritizes its in-store prices, and the app will (most of the time) change the price once you get to the store.

How do you price match at Target?

The item must be identical in order for Target to price match it. Target’s price match is available both in-store and online, but if you do it online you have to call Target.com Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869. If you ordered something for in-store pickup, you can price match when you pick up your order.