Question: Who’s Richer Apple Or Amazon?

What company is worth more Amazon or Apple?

A year and a half ago Apple became the first U.S. company to surpass the $1 trillion mark, doing so in August 2018. Analysts at the time noted Apple’s growing software and services revenue as catalysts driving the valuation. Five weeks later, Amazon reached $1 trillion for the first time.

Who’s worth more Google or Apple?

Google’s parent company Alphabet has overtaken Apple to become the most cash-rich company in the world. The Financial Times reports that as of the second quarter of this year, Alphabet holds $117 billion in liquid reserves, compared to $102 billion, net of debt, for Apple.

Is Apple or Microsoft worth more?

Microsoft is at 127.88 per share now, with a $717 billion full worth. Apple has a full worth at $752 billion. Last year Microsoft had $510 billion worth. So it seesaws as the share grow and recede.