Who Owns The Most Netflix Stock?

Top 10 Owners of Netflix Inc

StockholderStakeShares owned
Capital Research & Management Co.8.66%38,002,047
The Vanguard Group, Inc.7.44%32,642,262

Rowe Price Associates, Inc.


Fidelity Management & Research Co4.52%19,846,449

6 more rows

Who owns the most shares in Netflix?

Reed Hastings

Who are the owners of Netflix?


show Screenshot
Founder(s)Reed Hastings Marc Randolph
Key peopleReed Hastings (Chairman, CEO) Ted Sarandos (CCO) Jessica Neal (CTO) Jackie Lee-Joe (CMO) Greg Peters (CPO)
IndustryEntertainment, mass media
ProductsStreaming media video on demand

20 more rows

Is Netflix owned by Google?

Morgan Stanley

Reed Hastings

How many shareholders does Netflix have?

Ownership Summary

Institutional Ownership81.27 %
Total Shares Outstanding (millions)439
Total Value of Holdings (millions)$131,827

Is Netflix owned by Disney?

You have to subscribe to Netflix streaming. (Amazon is doing something similar with Amazon Prime. Disney introduced its own streaming network, Disney+, at a competitive subscription price of roughly $7 a month. Simultaneously, Disney is ending streaming rights for many of its films and shows on the Netflix platform.

Does Netflix pay a dividend?

Don’t expect a dividend from Netflix

As long as they pose a competitive threat, Netflix isn’t going to give cash to shareholders through dividends. Instead it’ll keep doubling down on the prospects of its internal business, looking to sustain exponential growth as long as it can.