Question: Who Is More Powerful Google Or Apple?


Even though Apple earns greater profits and has a larger market cap, it’s Google that is more powerful.

Who is better Google or Apple?

Google also has a strong presence in AI, web-standards & utilities, cloud-computing, etc. So, Apple beats Google in terms of hardware – the consumer reviews of the Google Pixel should make that obvious. Apple makes the Mac, Google has the Chromebook.

Is Apple safer than Google?

iOS: The threat level. In some circles, Apple’s iOS operating system has long been considered the more secure of the two operating systems. Android is more often targeted by hackers, too, because the operating system powers so many mobile devices today.

Is Amazon more powerful than Google?

Amazon beats Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand. Amazon has overtaken Google and Apple to become the world’s most valuable brand at $315.5 billion. Google is in third place, at $309 billion.

Are Google and Apple competitors?



BlackBerry Limited

Sony Mobile


Should I get iPhone or Android?

Apple and Google both have fantastic app stores. But Android is far superior at organizing apps, letting you put important stuff on the home screens and hide less useful apps in the app drawer. Also, Android’s widgets are much more useful than Apple’s.

Can Apple buy Google?

As of November 26, 2019, Google (rather than Alphabet’s parent company) has a market capitalization of $ 900 billion: The answer is simple: Apple does not buy Google because it does not have the means.

Why do celebrities use Iphones?

Why most celebrities use iPhone: Premium Devices

But they do impress customers with premium features and design. And once they introduce that, all other brands follow their designs. Just like notch trend was introduced in iPhone X, all other smartphone companies released their devices with a notch.

Is Apple richer than Google?

Google’s parent company Alphabet has overtaken Apple to become the most cash-rich company in the world. The Financial Times reports that as of the second quarter of this year, Alphabet holds $117 billion in liquid reserves, compared to $102 billion, net of debt, for Apple.

Which phone is most secure?

The Google Pixel 4 (and 4 XL) is the best Android phone when it comes to security. Google builds its phones to be secure from the start, and you get monthly security patches to guarantee that you won’t be left behind on future exploits.