Question: Who Blew Up The Capitol In Designated Survivor?

His name is Peter Macleish and he’s a young congressman, a war hero, and the only person (so far) to survive the attack that killed over 1,000.

Who was responsible in designated survivor?

LaMonica Garrett as Mike Ritter (seasons 1–2), a Secret Service agent, assigned to President Kirkman’s personal protection detail. Ritter was responsible for the safety of the entire Kirkman family following the Capitol attack.

Who is the main villain in designated survivor?

The premise of Designated Survivor has Kirkman as the designated survivor when an explosion during the State Of The Union finds him suddenly sworn in.

Who is the bad guy in designated survivor?

It is the White House of “accidental president” Tom Kirkman, the reluctant politician played by Kiefer Sutherland at the center of “Designated Survivor,” which has returned for a third season on Netflix after being canceled by ABC.

How did Alex Kirkman die?

Alex Kirkman’s death explained.

After episode 1 of the latest season aired, it became apparent that Alex’s character was killed off in an abrupt car accident. It wasn’t clearly stated at the end of Season 2, but Season 3 pretty much confirmed that she wasn’t going to come back.

Why was Alex Kirkman killed?

A postmortem exam revealed the cause of death to have been dilated cardiomyopathy.