Quick Answer: Where Is Coke Headquarters?

The Coca-Cola Company/Headquarters

How many headquarters does Coca Cola have?

105 office locations

Where are the Coca Cola factories located?

United States

Coca-Cola headquartersAtlantaIncludes One Coca-Cola Place
Coca-Cola Olympic CityAtlanta1996 Summer Olympics
Dixie Bottling PlantAtlantaGeorgia State University
World of Coca-ColaAtlantaWithin Pemberton Place

33 more rows

When did Coca Cola move to Atlanta?

From the original World of Coca‑Cola® that opened on August 3, 1990 at Underground Atlanta, to the opening of World of Coca‑Cola at Pemberton Place® on May 24, 2007, we are proud to have welcomed over 24 million guests and counting across a span of 25+ years in Atlanta.

Who is the owner of Coca Cola?

The majority shareholder of Coca-Cola Company is Warren Buffet through his company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. Buffet made it clear in 2013 that he would never sell his Coca-Cola shares because it is a sure brand that guarantees growth. That was in an interview with ceo of coca cola Muhtar Kent.

How many Cokes are sold a day?

Altogether 1.7 billion servings of Coke products are consumed every day.

Did Pepsi trade with Russia?

The combined fleet was traded for three billion dollars worth of Pepsi. Yes, you read that right. Russia loves their Pepsi. The historical exchange caused Pepsi to become the 6th most powerful military in the world, for a moment, before they sold the fleet to a Swedish company for scrap recycling.