What’s So Good About The Pixel 3?

What’s so good about the Google pixel 3?

Even into 2019, the Google Pixel 3 has the best smartphone camera you can buy. Don’t let its raw specs fool you: its very ordinary sounding 12.2MP rear camera with a single lens and an f/1.8 aperture is enhanced by machine-learning software, Google’s secret sauce to making your photos better.

Is the Google pixel 3 a good phone?

The Pixel 3 was a great phone for its time, but its successor has been out since October of last year in the form of the Pixel 4. With it comes the newer, more powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, along with plenty of hardware upgrades including a 90Hz display and a secondary telephoto camera.

Is the Google phone any good?

Starting at just $400, Google’s excellent “budget” smartphone is as good or better than competing phones that cost nearly double the price. With its beautiful screen, powerful processor, and excellent camera, the Pixel 3a proves that there’s no reason for smartphones to be as expensive as they’ve become.

Why is pixel 3 so expensive?

With a price of $799, Google’s Pixel 3 is $150 more expensive than the Pixel 2 was at launch. Google will support it with updates for three years after release, which is a longer commitment to new features and security patches than many of its Android partners will manage.

Is the pixel 3 still worth it?

This means that if you already have a Pixel 3, you aren’t missing much on the software side. In fact, one of Google’s selling points for the entire Pixel line is its long-running software support. The Pixel 4’s more powerful specs and additional hardware still make it well worth buying over the aging Pixel 3.

Is Google pixel still worth buying?

The Pixel XL is tempting but not worth buying in 2019

After all, you can find them refurbished online for about $200. However, come 2019, it’s not a great choice even at that price. The original Pixel still feels modern in many respects, but lacking update support really hurts its value.