Question: What Was The Highest Stock Price Ever?

What is the most expensive stock in the world?

Berkshire Hathaway is the most expensive stock in the world. Here’s what else you can buy for a single share. Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A is the costliest stock in the world, with its price sitting at roughly $300,000 a share.

What was the best stock in history?

The Best Performing Stocks in History

  • Coca-Cola. (NASDAQ: KO)
  • Altria. (NASDAQ: MO)
  • Celgene. (NASDAQ: CELG)
  • Apple. (NASDAQ: AAPL)
  • Alphabet. (NASDAQ:GOOG)
  • Gilead Sciences. (NASDAQ: GILD)
  • Microsoft. (NASDAQ: MSFT)

What was Apple’s highest stock price ever?

Following on from becoming a trillion-dollar company Apple has reached its highest valuation of all time today, during a trading period that put its shares at their highest price ever at $237.64.

What is the biggest share rise ever?

Consequently, some shares sold for over 1,000 euros, briefly making Volkswagen the largest company in the world, based on sheer market capitalization. At its highest point during the day, the company share price was up by more than 93%.

Can I buy Berkshire Hathaway stock?

Investors interested in buying into Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway have two options: Class A stock (BRK-A) and Class B stock (BRK-B). As of November 2018, Berkshire Hathaway Class A is trading for around $329,665 per share, compared with $220 for the Class B shares.

Can I buy Amazon stock?

Amazon Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)

You can participate by opening an account with Computershare>, where you can purchase, hold and sell Amazon stock. There are transaction fees for both buying and selling stock, which will vary based on the company stock you’re buying or selling.

What will Google stock be worth in 2020?

Alphabet stock price forecast* for tomorrow, and next weeks based on the last 30 days

DatePriceMin Price
2020-02-28Price: 1519.790Min: 1498.590
2020-02-29Price: 1522.730Min: 1502.080
2020-03-01Price: 1526.480Min: 1505.130
2020-03-02Price: 1545.320Min: 1524.980

3 more rows

Which shares are most profitable?

List of best profitable shares to buy today (Indian Stock Market) – 2020

2P&G Hygiene & Health24.90
3Ajanta Pharma25.84
4Page Industries24.59

2 more rows

What is the most profitable stock?

Best stocks as of March 2020

SymbolCompany namePrice performance (YTD)
NEMNewmont Corporation17.38%
GILDGilead Sciences Inc16.97%
NEENextEra Energy Inc16.54%
EFXEquifax Inc.16.24%

16 more rows

When did Apple stock split 7 to 1?

Apple’s stock has split four times since the company went public. The stock split on a 7-for-1 basis on June 9, 2014 and split on a 2-for-1 basis on February 28, 2005, June 21, 2000, and June 16, 1987.

How much would 1000 invested in Apple be worth today?

Hindsight Is Golden

If you had bought $1,000 worth of Apple shares on January 9, 2007, the day Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone at MacWorld 2007, your investment would now be worth $26,103.

Who owns the most Apple stock?

Top 10 Owners of Apple Inc

StockholderStakeShares owned
The Vanguard Group, Inc.7.36%321,838,023
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (Investm5.60%245,155,566
BlackRock Fund Advisors4.34%189,855,411
SSgA Funds Management, Inc.4.18%182,854,781

6 more rows

Can stocks go to zero?

If the stock reaches a value of zero, trading can cease and the company can continue to operate as a privately held company, or the company may file for bankruptcy. A company’s stock reaching zero value does not mean that the company must file for bankruptcy.

Which shares are going up?

Company NamePrice atChange*
Rico Auto Add to Watchlist | Portfolio ACTIONS Rico Auto closes below 50-Day,150-Day Moving Average today.21.103.70
Nahar Capital Add to Watchlist | Portfolio ACTIONS Nahar Capital closes below 50-Day Moving Average of 74.29 today.50.008.45

43 more rows

What stocks have dropped recently?

Day Losers – US

SymbolName% Change
SPRSpirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc.-19.34%
CCLCarnival Corporation & Plc-19.14%
PBAPembina Pipeline Corporation-17.53%
CUKCarnival Corporation & Plc-17.34%

21 more rows