What Was Tesla IPO Price?

On June 29, 2010, Tesla Motors launched its initial public offering on NASDAQ.

13,300,000 shares of common stock were issued to the public at a price of US$17.00 per share.

The IPO raised US$226 million for the company.

What was Google’s IPO price?

Google Goes Public

The company had already become a search juggernaut by that time, and IPO shares priced at $85 per share for a valuation of $23 billion.

What was Facebook IPO price?

$38 per share

What was Tesla’s highest stock price?

After some minor Wall Street downgrades, Tesla is trading at $774.38 per share at the time of publication.

What was Netflix IPO price?

$15 per share

What was Google’s stock price 2005?

On Thursday, shares of Google (up $2.38 to $400.53, Research) eclipsed the vaunted $400 mark. The stock price has nearly doubled this year and surged about 375 percent since the company’s initial public offering — at $85 a share — in August 2004.

What was Google stock worth in 2008?

Using Google’s stock history, what would happen if you bought on the dips?

DatePriceReturn Since
January 2006$199.93248%
March 2006$168.92311%
January 2008$300.43131%
February 2008$258.21169%

10 more rows

What was the biggest IPO ever?

AT&T, $10.6 billion

It was, at the time, the largest U.S. IPO ever.

What was IPO price for Amazon?

The initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $18 per share.

Should you buy an IPO?

Therefore, getting in on an IPO can be just too risky for most investors who can invest in a stock only after it goes public. The company’s founders and early-in investors get the liquidity and huge gains, and most of their wealth is less sensitive to these public market variations.

Is Tesla stock a good buy?

Tesla stock is currently not a buy, but it could be in the early stages of creating a new buy point. At current levels, Tesla stock is still at risk of a pullback and it’s not a good time to buy shares with the market in a correction.

Is Tesla profitable yet?

Tesla still didn’t turn an annual profit — in fact, it lost $862 million in 2019. But that was better than the $1 billion loss the company posted in 2018.

Why is Tesla stock dropping?

The stock’s fall in early trading on Thursday follows its 17% decline on Wednesday. The pullback Wednesday and the initial decline today are likely due to shares taking a breather following a meteoric run-up recently. They are still up more than 210% over the last six months. A Tesla Model 3.

Does Netflix pay a dividend?

Don’t expect a dividend from Netflix

As long as they pose a competitive threat, Netflix isn’t going to give cash to shareholders through dividends. Instead it’ll keep doubling down on the prospects of its internal business, looking to sustain exponential growth as long as it can.

When did Netflix IPO?

Does Apple Buy Netflix?

Apple has over $90 billion of cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities as current assets. A buyout of Netflix would cost Apple much more than the streaming company’s current market cap. At a 25% premium, the buyout cost would rise to $160 billion.

How much is YouTube worth today?

YouTube is estimated to be worth up to $160 billion

This is dozens of time more than what it was worth in 2006 when Google bought it.

What is YouTube stock worth?

His analysis suggests a stand-alone value of roughly $308 per share for YouTube, as well as $206 per share for Google’s Cloud business, $232 per share for Android, and $60 per share for Google’s “other bets”—coming to $806 per share.

What happens if I buy a Google IPO?

An investor who bought Google stock 13 years ago at its IPO price of $85 would now own a piece of the company worth about 22 times their original investment. That also takes into account the company’s stock split in 2015, when it restructured under a larger company called Alphabet.