Quick Answer: What Was Amazon’s Stock Price In 2018?

Why did Amazon stock drop in December 2018?

The stock fell more than 1,200 points into December 2018, highlighting slowdown fears driven by the deteriorating relationship between China and the United States, while the 2019 bounce stalled in July just 15 points under the 2018 peak.

What was Amazon stock price in 1998?

Amazon stock split example

Before this first stock split, Amazon’s share price was $85.68 (on 1 June 1998), meaning that each share was worth $42.84 – or exactly half – immediately after the two-for-one split.

What was Amazon stock price in 2014?

That momentum increased even more in 2014 — in the past five years, the stock has soared more than 460% to $1,938 from about $340 per share.

What was the price of Amazon stock in 2010?

In fact, $100 worth of Amazon stock in 2010 would be worth more than $1,450 today.