Quick Answer: What Stocks Will Go Up In 2020?

Fastest Growing Stocks
Price ($)Market Cap ($B)
Gilead Sciences Inc.


Newmont Corp.


ServiceNow Inc.



Which stock will go up?

Most Actives

CompanyPrice% Change
BAC Bank of America Corp24.78+3.73%
NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd16.41+25.36%
BA Boeing Co139.00+5.86%
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp16.78+10.61%

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What stock is growing the fastest?

Netflix just joined the Sector Leaders list, which gained 42% in 2019, compared to 19% for the S&P 500. The streaming giant is now slightly extended from a recent breakout.

Today’s Fastest-Growing Stocks.

CompanyInmode Ltd
EPS % Growth 3 Yr328
EPS Est Cur Yr %124
EPS Rating99

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What are the best investments for 2020?

The best investments in 2020 are:

  • CD’s.
  • Money Market Accounts.
  • REITs.
  • Real Estate.
  • Treasury Securities.
  • Municipal Bond Funds.
  • Government Bond Funds.
  • Growth Stocks & Growth Funds.

What stocks are expected to rise tomorrow?


CompanyPrice% Change
PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Co80.66+9.79%
FTI TechnipFMC PLC8.26+9.69%
HES Hess Corp39.38+8.28%
DRI Darden Restaurants Inc68.30+7.86%

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What stocks are hot right now?

Most Actives

BAC Bank of America Corp20.10-1.11
F Ford Motor Co4.36-0.11
GE General Electric Co6.62+0.13
T AT&T Inc28.84-2.31

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How can I double my money?



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What is the best investment right now?

Here are the best long-term investments in April:

  1. Growth stocks.
  2. Stock funds.
  3. Bond funds.
  4. Dividend stocks.
  5. Real estate.
  6. Small-cap stocks.
  7. Robo-adviser portfolio.
  8. IRA CD.

What are the best stocks to buy right now?

Best stocks as of April 2020

SymbolCompany namePrice performance (52 weeks)
LRCXLam Research Corp34.07%
AAPLApple Inc33.87%
BIIBBiogen Inc33.84%
MSFTMicrosoft Corp33.72%

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Should I buy Tesla stock now?

Tesla stock is currently not a buy. At current levels, Tesla stock is still at risk of a pullback. It’s not a good time to buy shares with the market in a correction.

Is now a good time to buy stocks?

But waiting for more of a decline may result in a missed opportunity. Investors may not get an opportunity for a long time to buy stocks at these levels, and if you can afford to put aside money that you won’t need for at least three years, then now may be an optimal time to buy and hold stocks.

What stock has dropped the most?

Three big pharma stocks have plunged the most: AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV), Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY), and Pfizer (NYSE:PFE).