Quick Answer: What Stock Pays Highest Dividend?

The 4 top dividend payers

CompanyDividends Paid Over Past 12 Months
AT&T (NYSE:T)$14.80 billion
ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM)$14.44 billion
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)$14.12 billion
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)$14.10 billion

What stock pays the highest dividend per share?

The 11 largest dividend stocks trading on U.S. stock markets

Company NameMarket Cap ($ billions)Dividend Yield
Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ)$342.22.81%
Walmart (NYSE:WMT)$302.81.98%
ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM)$296.54.75%
Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG)$285.62.56%

7 more rows

What are the top 10 dividend paying stocks?

The 10 top-performing dividend stocks of 2019

RankCompanyDividend Yield*
1The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ:CG)4.3%
2Apollo Global Management (NYSE:APO)4.2%
3The Blackstone Group (NYSE:BX)3.5%
4Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC)3.1%

7 more rows

What company pays the most dividends?

  • #8: Invesco (IVZ)
  • #7: Macy’s (M)
  • #6: Kimco Realty Corp. (
  • #5: AT&T (T)
  • #4 Ford Motor Co. (
  • #3: Iron Mountain (IRM)
  • #2: Macerich Co. ( MAC)
  • #1: CenturyLink (CTL) The stock with the highest dividend in the S&P 500 is CenturyLink, the telecommunications provider.

What are the best dividend stocks for 2020?

Best Dividend Stocks: Top 5

Company/Benchmark IndexSymbolYield (%)
S&P 5002.0
Lockheed MartinLMT2.7
Best BuyBBY3.3

2 more rows

Are dividends worth it?

The good news is that for most stocks, the dividend income just keeps coming despite the swings in the market. For this reason, dividend investing can be worth it for investors with high net worth. Dividend investing has been a traditional source of expected steady retirement income for many decades.

Are dividends taxed?

The dividend tax rates that you pay on ordinary dividends are the same as the regular federal income tax rates. The dividend tax rate you will pay on ordinary dividends is 22%. Qualified dividends, on the other hand, are taxed at the capital gains rates, which are lower.

What will Google stock be worth in 2020?

Alphabet stock price forecast* for tomorrow, and next weeks based on the last 30 days

DatePriceMin Price
2020-02-28Price: 1519.790Min: 1498.590
2020-02-29Price: 1522.730Min: 1502.080
2020-03-01Price: 1526.480Min: 1505.130
2020-03-02Price: 1545.320Min: 1524.980

3 more rows

Does Berkshire Hathaway pay a dividend?

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) famously doesn’t pay dividends – it has better things to do with its shareholders’ cash – but Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett sure loves collecting them. The great majority of the stocks in Berkshire’s portfolio are dividend stocks.

Whats a good dividend yield?

4 to 6 percent

What stocks pay monthly dividends?

Best monthly dividend stocks to buy now:

  1. Realty Income Corp. (O)
  2. Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE)
  3. Main Street Capital Corp. (MAIN)
  4. AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC)
  5. Shaw Communications (SJR)
  6. Sabine Royalty Trust (SBR)
  7. Pembina Pipeline Corp. (PBA)
  8. Stag Industrial (STAG)

Is Disney a dividend aristocrat?

It’s worth noting that Disney is not a dividend aristocrat. This company’s earnings are fairly economically sensitive and therefore, historically, management has been conservative when it comes to growing the dividend.