Quick Answer: What Is Samsung’s Net Worth?

What is the net worth of Samsung 2019?

As at 2020, Samsung Net Worth would be around $1.2 Trillion. This is a huge sum of money, but Samsung is a very large company. Therefore, this net worth is feasible. In 2019, Samsung became the first company in history to cross the $1 trillion valuation mark after Apple.

Is Samsung or Apple bigger?

Samsung has a market capitalization of about $154 billion, barely a quarter the size of Apple’s. But if you believe that a company should be measured by how much it sells, rather than collective market opinion, it’s Apple that’s the second-largest electronics multinational in the world, behind only Samsung.

What is Apple net worth?

Apple is worth $1 trillion.

What’s the net worth of Samsung?

Samsung has a market capitalization worth $326 billion. The net worth of Samsung is pegged at $295 billion. A company as big as Samsung has considerable influence on South Korea’s economic development. Samsung has also affected South Korea’s politics, media, and culture.

Who is richer Samsung or Apple?

Research firm Strategy Analytics said on Friday that Samsung’s operating profit for its handset division stood at $5.2 billion in the second quarter, topping Apple’s estimated iPhone profit of $4.6 billion. This marked the first time the Korean firm has overtaken its U.S. rival.

Is Samsung a trillion dollar company?

Apple’s value is much higher than Samsung . Apple reached $1 trillion milestone while Samsung’s would be a quarter of that . ( This is considering Samsung Electronics which is a part of a much larger organisation. Samsung is a multinational conglomerate which is involved in a dozen industries and businesses.)