What Is Netflix PE Ratio?


What is a good PE ratio?

A higher P/E ratio shows that investors are willing to pay a higher share price today because of growth expectations in the future. The average P/E for the S&P 500 has historically ranged from 13 to 15. For example, a company with a current P/E of 25, above the S&P average, trades at 25 times earnings.

What is Facebook’s PE ratio?

About PE Ratio (TTM)

Facebook has a trailing-twelve-months P/E of 31.17X compared to the Internet – Services industry’s P/E of 26.98X. Price to Earnings Ratio or P/E is price / earnings. It is the most commonly used metric for determining a company’s value relative to its earnings.

What company has the highest PE ratio?

10 highest stocks with the highest PE trading in Nifty 500

  • Unichem Laboratories Ltd. (PE: 1243.4)
  • Future Consumer Ltd. (PE: 865)
  • Equitas Holdings Ltd. (PE: 404.2)
  • Infibeam Avenues Ltd. (PE: 398.4)
  • Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd. (PE: 344)
  • Future Retail Ltd. (PE: 330.4)
  • Indoco Remedies Ltd.
  • Mahindra CIE Automation Ltd.

Is Netflix overvalued?

Shares of Netflix sank 4.26% on Tuesday, hitting its lowest level of 2019. Netflix isn’t the only overvalued stock that Cramer is warning investors about. On Monday, Cramer said investors need to be cautious as more and more stocks are being valued based on measures other than the revenue or earnings numbers.