What Is Amazon’s Total Debt?

Amazon Total Debt is quite stable at the moment as compared to the last year.

The company current value of Total Debt is estimated at about 74.59 Billion.

How much debt does Amazon have?

Amazon increased its U.S. government and agency securities holdings by a record $6.8 billion in 2018, ending the year with $11.7 billion worth of the debt, the most ever, according to the company’s annual report.

What is Amazon’s total assets?

162.6 billion USD (2018)

What is Amazon’s debt to equity ratio?

Since December 2012, Amazon’s current and acid-test ratio have dropped to 1.08 and 0.774, respectively, making it more difficult for the company to meet its near-term financial obligations. Furthermore, Amazon’s debt-to-equity ratio has seen considerable growth. (NASDAQGS: AAPL), which had a ratio of 49%.

What is the debt ratio for Amazon as of Jun 30 2019?

Historical Debt to Equity Ratio Data

Data for this Date Range
Dec. 31, 20190.3773
Sept. 30, 20190.3977
June 30, 20190.4397
March 31, 20190.4818

21 more rows

How much is Apple in debt?

Apple’s operated at median total debt of 108 billion from fiscal years ending September 2015 to 2019. Looking back at the last five years, Apple’s total debt peaked in December 2019 at 116.8 billion. Apple’s total debt hit its five-year low in September 2015 of 64.341 billion.

Is Facebook in debt?

The good news for investors is that Facebook has no debt. It has been operating its business with zero debt and utilising only its equity capital. Investors’ risk associated with debt is virtually non-existent with FB, and the company has plenty of headroom and ability to raise debt should it need to in the future.