Question: What Is A Good Salary In India?

What salary is considered rich in India?

Small cities (tier 3)- A income above 1 lakhs and a net worth of 1 crore is more than enough. Village- In a typical village if you own a duplex house of 1000 sq. ft and own a bolero or scorpio and an income of 50000 per month can consider very wealthy (Rich).

What is a good salary in India 2019?

Average Salary 201629,600 INR
Average Salary 2017+4%30,700 INR
Average Salary 2018+1%31,100 INR
Average Salary 2019+2%31,600 INR

Is 50000 a good salary in India?

For most people in India, 50,000 still remains an unbelievably large amount. India is a poor country with very low per capita income. So in general, it is a very good salary. You can fulfil all your goals in life with a starting salary of Rs.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in India?

Depends on your needs, in India people live comfortably by spending Rs. 5000 and some people don’t feel comfortable even after spending Rs. 40,000. And some people spend 2 lakh rupees and are finding ways to earn more.