Quick Answer: What Historically Have Been Apple’s Competitive Advantages In The PC Industry?

Apple’s competitive advantages are its innovation, strong brand and rapid growth.

In the Sculley years, Sculley pushed the Mac into new markets, most notably in desktop publishing and education.

Apple’s desktop market was driven by its superior software and peripherals.

In education, Apple grabbed half the market.

Why did Apple struggle historically in PCs?

They struggled because – They themselves wanted to do enter in all areas like full control on hardware, (even Processor) OS, Software etc. not keeping it relatively open like other competitors, Poor integration with other systems like windows. Area they focused on R&D and time to time they got benefit in PC market.

What is Apple’s competitive advantage?

Apple’s competitive advantage are its control of software, Hardware, retail strategy, product differentiation and most important one is Steve Job’s strategically decision making. For the distribution system, Apple launched a website for direct sales for the first time.

What were Apple’s traditional sources of competitive advantage?

One major source of competitive advantage for Apple is brand equity. The company has built very high level trust in the market. It is known best for its technology and great quality products. Its high level popularity is a sign of strong brand image and the reliability of its technology and technological products.

How sustainable is Apple’s competitive position in PCs?

Based on your analysis, how sustainable is Apple’s competitive position in PCs? (Removed when edit) Apple has a stable market share compared to its competitors Apple has steadily maintained a ratio of around 3%-5% in the PC Manufactures’ world market share in the last 10 years, which means it has a sustainable market