Quick Answer: What Happens If I Buy Something Then It Goes On Sale?

Let’s say you buy an item that goes on sale 50 days after buying it.

First ask the store if they will extend their 30-day price match policy.

If they won’t, since the store has a 90-day return policy, you can simply return it and buy the item again at the lower price.

Can you get money back if item goes on sale?

Among clothing stores, Anthropologie, Gap, J. Crew and Macy’s will all refund your money if an item goes on sale within a certain time frame, usually 14 days. Best Buy will price match a purchase if it goes on sale within 15 days. Target and Walmart will adjust the price of an item that goes on sale within seven days.

What if I buy something at Walmart and it goes on sale?

If you buy something at Walmart and later you see it on sale can you get a refund for the difference? Walmart’s policy for this is, if you purchase something that goes on sale but is not clearance within 7 days of purchase you may get the difference. However the length of return for the item can come into play.

What is the price adjustment policy?

Price adjustments, also called price protection, is a retail practice in the USA in which customers can obtain a partial refund of the purchase price of an item if they can show it on sale at a lower price within a fixed time frame. Retailers with price adjustment policies include Macy’s, Gap, and Staples.

How do you ask for a price adjustment?

Just return with receipt in hand and politely ask for a price adjustment credit if the item you bought goes on sale or clearance. Call them at (800) 840-2591 to request a price adjustment on an online purchase.