Question: What Happens If I Buy Microsoft Stock?

Is it worth buying Microsoft stock?

4, Microsoft’s stock remained strong with a share price that hovered just below $145.

Not only is this win for Microsoft a good thing for business, but it’s also a positive for the company’s shareholders.

A $1,000 investment in Microsoft in 2009 would be worth more than $6,500 as of Nov.

Can I buy Microsoft stock directly?

For most investors, the easiest way to buy Microsoft stock is through a brokerage account. You can also purchase shares directly through Microsoft’s Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Program.

Is Microsoft a good buy for 2020?

When demand is lower than supply, stocks fall. For 2020, Microsoft stock has seen strong demand – i.e., big buying. Software stocks were one of the best performing groups last year.

How much is it to buy stock in Microsoft?

$ 153.53

$153.83-1.43-1.43 -0.92%