Quick Answer: What Does Pending Start Date Mean With Amazon?

If you’re going for the average associate job there is no interview so your start date will be determined once you pass the drug test and background check.

How long does it take to get start date from Amazon?

124 answers. It can take a couple weeks to several months to get started after you’ve been to orientation.

Does pending start date mean I got the job?

“Pending start date” They overstaff, or at least it seems. They give out direct job offers to thousands of people without actually having enough available positions. They give you an immediate job offer with no specific start date.

What does pending hire mean?

“Under Review” – “Under Review” means that your application meets the qualifications and is undergoing further screening by our Human Resources team. “Pending” – Applicant’s applications that are recommended for hire for a position, are marked to “Pending” status.

What does pending internal Amazon review?

It means that they will take 7-14 business days to get back to you about the decision of your background. Call and find out what day they received your background and start the countdown from there. You might as well wait for the whole 14 days because that’s how long they take.

Does Amazon hire on the spot?

Earlier this year, Amazon announced it was hiring 5,000 people–and letting them all work from home. But, like I say–these are real jobs, and Amazon will be hiring on-the-spot Wednesday. They’re both full-time and part-time jobs that offer medical benefits and tuition reimbursement.

How long does it take to get hired at Amazon warehouse?

I have seen the entire process, beginning with sending an application to getting an offer, take anywhere from three weeks to three or four months. Usually the more senior the position, the longer the process takes, due to the number of interviews to schedule.

What does awaiting screening results mean?

It means screening is not yet complete and/or approved list is not yet drawn. Acceptance/ rejection shall be displayed accordingly.

How Long Does Amazon take for background check?

How much time does amazon take for background verification? It would be under a week ( sometimes even 2-3 days ) if you’ve passed telephonic round. They took 2.5 months ( from the day one when the consultant contacted me ) to complete 7 interviews.

What happens at Amazon new hire orientation?


During this online session, you’ll learn about what it’s like to work at Amazon, workplace safety, and proper attire to prepare you for your first day with Amazon. Tip: You will also need to complete a few required documents so you can get paid during this step of the process.

What does offer pending mean for a job?

It means that you have cleared all the round both technical and hr but due to some internal process and if any negotiations are pending on your side like notice period, package expectations and HR approval then your status will be OFFER PENDING but congratulations as in most of the cases negotiations will be done and

What does pending hiring team review mean?

Pending Hiring Team Review.

The recruiter has reviewed your application and has sent your information to the hiring team for consideration.

What does Filled mean on application status?

Concerning Statuses

“Position withdrawn” or “position closed” means you won’t be considered for the position. “Vacancy filled” means someone has been offered the job and that person accepted.

Is application under review a good sign?

If your application makes it this far than it would most likely be labeled “under review” and the next step from here is either to receive an email regarding the interview, or a rejection email. Overall – being under review does not mean something positive or negative. It is a neutral sign.

What is the difference between under review and under consideration?

Under review means the application is being viewed by hiring manager. Under consideration means after they have reviewed all application they have narrowed the candidates (very strong possibilities) to those with the best skills set and experiences that fit the job requirements.

How long is an application under review?

If all decision are made swiftly, an application which is two weeks old sticks out, someone takes a look and decides whether to proceed or reject. If the organization is typically slow, then two weeks are nothing. Finally, “under review” means nothing.