Question: What Countries Give Most To Charity?

Countries of the World Giving Index

RankCharitable Countries
3New Zealand
4United States

7 more rows

Which countries give the most money to charity?

The five countries reporting the highest percentage of respondents saying they had donated money were Myanmar, the United Kingdom, Malta, Thailand and the Netherlands.

Measuring the World’s Most Generous Countries.

CountryGenerosity RankBest Countries Rank
United States18
New Zealand313

6 more rows

Which country is most charitable?

The most recent edition was published in November 2016, with Myanmar, the United States and Australia ranking as the top three. New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Canada, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and United Arab Emirates complete the top ten.

Which countries volunteer the most?

To compare, in Myanmar, 91 percent of respondents had donated money, giving the country top rank in that category. Turkmenistan had the most volunteers, at 53 percent.