Question: What Can I Buy For 500 Dollars?

15 of the Smartest Things You Can Do With $500 Right Now

  • Invest in an index ETF.
  • Pay down credit cards.
  • Make an extra payment on a mortgage.
  • Start an IRA.
  • Consolidate some debt.
  • Buy life insurance.
  • Fix your car.
  • Get a health screening.

What can I buy under 500?

14 Cool Gadgets to Buy Under Rs 500 In India

  1. Intex Power Bank. Leading the list is the 4000mAh power bank from Intex.
  2. Gaming Keyboard. Up next is an affordable gaming keyboard.
  3. Gaming Mouse.
  4. 25-in-1 Precision Screwdriver.
  5. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.
  6. Earphone Carrying Case.
  7. Portronics Headphones.
  8. 8 Ports 2.0 Hi-Speed USB Hub.

How can I turn $500 into $1000?

Check out the eight ways you can turn $500 into $1000.

  • Learn the Stock Market.
  • Try Robo Investing.
  • Add Real Estate to Your Portfolio with Fundrise.
  • Start an Online Business.
  • Invest in Yourself with Online Courses.
  • Resell Thiftstore Clothing.
  • Flip Clearance Finds.
  • Peer to Peer Lending with Prosper.

Is 500 dollars a day good?

$500/day is a conservative average. Of course, if you’re trying to do five jobs a week you’re talking about doing something like 70-80 hours. There’s people that do which is how they end up making solid six figures.

What can I buy for $400?

They’re all under $400.

  1. Student loans. Avoid high interest on your student loans by paying more than the minimum.
  2. An interview suit. Invest in interview attire you can use for years to come.
  3. A durable mattress.
  4. Digital file protection.
  5. Online classes.
  6. A commuter bike.
  7. An emergency fund.
  8. Retirement savings.

What can I do with 500 rupees?

Since investors have different risk profiles, investment horizons, and investment choices, let us take you through 5 interesting avenues where you can start investing with just Rs 500 a month. Read on to know more.

Read on to know more.

  • Mutual Funds.
  • Atal Pension Yojana.
  • Public Provident Fund.
  • FD, RD.
  • Post Office Schemes.

What can I buy with 10000 rupees?

Nine smart things you can do with Rs 10000

  1. Adhil Shetty.
  2. Invest in equity mutual fund.
  3. Buy some shares.
  4. Accumulate some gold.
  5. Time to buy term life insurance.
  6. Why not park in high interest saving bank account.
  7. Buy health insurance.

How can I make $500 extra money?



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How can I invest 500 dollars for a quick return?

4 Simple Ways to Invest $500 Wisely

  • Open a robo-advisor account. A robo-advisor is a great option if you’re just getting into the investing game.
  • Go micro. Micro-investing is a good option to consider if you want to keep building on your initial $500 investment.
  • Open a high-interest savings account.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Bottom line.

How can I invest $50?

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How To Invest: Get Started For Only $50 (Use This App) – YouTube


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How can I make $600 fast?

Here’s the list of the best survey sites:

  1. Make $600 fast with Survey Voices. Number one on the list is also the easiest survey site to sign up for.
  2. Make $600 fast with Survey Junkie.
  3. Make $600 fast with InboxDollars.
  4. Make $600 fast with Vindale Research.
  5. Make $600 fast with Swagbucks.
  6. Make $600 fast with MyPoints.

How can I make 100 a day?

  • How to Make $100 A Day: Creative Ways to Make Money.
  • Get paid to walk.
  • Get paid to take surveys.
  • Become a Respondent (up to $150/hour)
  • Get paid to watch videos online.
  • Download these 2 apps and make $125 by going online.
  • Make an extra $100 pet sitting.
  • Get paid to shop.

How can I make 5000 dollars fast?

Table of Contents

  1. Start Driving: Uber and Lyft.
  2. Take Photos on Your Phone: Snapwire.
  3. Work-From-Home Jobs: Amazon.
  4. Wrap Your Car for Cash: Wrapify.
  5. Perform Odd Jobs: TaskRabbit.
  6. Sell Stuff Online: Craigslist.
  7. Teach Others: Chegg Tutors.