Question: What Age Group Drinks The Most Coca Cola?

What age group drinks the most soda?

The demographic groups most likely to drink soda included young adults ages 18 to 29 (50 percent said they mostly drink regular soda), people who aren’t white (46 percent said they mostly drink regular soda) and people with lower incomes (45 percent of people making less than $30,000 a year said they mostly drink

What age group does Coca Cola target?

12 years old

Who drinks the most Coca Cola?

Learn More: Would you like to buy the world a Coke? Then, you’d better start with Mexico. With 745 cans of 8 fluid ounces consumed per capita in 2012 (the latest available data from the company), the country is the world’s largest Coca-Cola consumer by a long shot.

What country drinks the most pop?

Countries With The Highest Levels Of Soft Drink Consumption

  • Norway (98 liters per capita)
  • Germany (98 liters per capita)
  • Belgium (109 liters per capita)
  • Uruguay (113 liters per capita)
  • Mexico (137 liters per capita)
  • Chile (141 liters per capita)
  • USA (154 liters per capita)
  • Argentina (155 liters per capita)

Why Is soda bad for you?

Soda contains acids like phosphoric acid and carbonic acid. These acids create a highly acidic environment in your mouth, which makes your teeth vulnerable to decay. While the acids in soda can themselves cause damage, it is the combination with sugar that makes soda particularly harmful ( 55 , 56 ).

Which drink has the most sugar?

The Top 5 Sugary Drinks And One Alarming Surprise

  1. Mountain Dew – 72.3 / 121.57.
  2. Mug Root Beer – 66.9 / 114.01.
  3. Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice – 65.8 / 109.62.
  4. Pepsi – 65.7 / 109.52.
  5. Coca-Cola – 62.5 / 105.24.

What is Coca Cola’s slogan?

They produced very elegant advertising for the company featuring slogans like “Coca-Cola is a Delicious Beverage, Delightfully in Harmony With the Spirit of All Outings,” “The Great National Temperance Drink,” or “Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains.”

Who is the target market for Diet Coke?

The drink is aimed at Diet Coke fans, who are mainly women in their 20s and 30s, and claims to help them to “keep up with today’s hectic lifestyle”.

What is meant by market segmentation?

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market of potential customers into groups, or segments, based on different characteristics. The segments created are composed of consumers who will respond similarly to marketing strategies and who share traits such as similar interests, needs, or locations.

What countries have no Coke?

The answer. There are now just two countries in the world where Coca-Cola cannot be bought or sold – at least, not officially. They are Cuba and North Korea, which are both under long-term US trade embargoes (Cuba since 1962 and North Korea since 1950).

What country has the best Coke?

The Coca Cola factory in Macedonia produces the best quality Coke in the whole world, the company said after conducting a global inquiry. The Skopje Brewery, where this popular drink is made, on Tuesday received a special acknowledgment for this directly from the Coca Cola Company HQ in Atlanta, USA.