Is There A Company Worth A Trillion Dollars?

Apple was the first US company to hit a $1 trillion cap in 2018, followed later that year by Amazon (which has since dropped below that figure), and Microsoft hit the $1 trillion mark in April 2019.

The first company ever to hit a $1 trillion market cap (briefly) was PetroChina in 2007.

What companies are worth over a trillion dollars?

Including Facebook in the group drives Big Tech’s collective value above $5.2 trillion. CNBC first reported on the milestone valuation for Big Tech.

Data is as of market close on January 16.

  • Apple. Markets Insider.
  • Microsoft. Markets Insider.
  • Alphabet. Markets Insider.
  • Amazon. Markets Insider.
  • Facebook. Markets Insider.

What are the 4 trillion dollar companies?

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet now worth combined $4 trillion — Quartz.

Is Apple still worth a trillion dollars?

Apple’s has taken a hit. Apple, the first ever U.S. company to be valued at $1 trillion, is no longer worth $1 trillion. News of Apple’s demotion — now once again slumming it as one of the companies worth only hundreds of billions of dollars — came as the result of a domino effect of negative press for the company.