Quick Answer: Is Netflix Banned In China?

Can I access Netflix in China?

Netflix currently doesn’t offer video streaming service in China due to a challenging regulatory environment in the country.

The Chinese government is sensitive when it comes to the content being made available to its citizens.

However, in many cases, VPN users can access the service.

Why is Netflix Banned in China?

And when Netflix was trying to break into the Chinese market, one of the things they were up against was a government regulation that said no service could have more than 30% of foreign content. So, that’s going to be all content in the United States and every other country.

What is the equivalent of Netflix in China?

With more subscribers than Netflix Inc., China’s version of the company — called iQiyi Inc. — didn’t receive the warm embrace its American counterpart did on its first trading day in the U.S. A day after China-based entertainment platform Bilibili Inc.

How can I watch Netflix in China in 2019?



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