Is Microsoft A Good Investment?

Is it a good idea to invest in Microsoft?

The better investment

However, Microsoft offers revenue growth along with consistent profits.

It provides growth opportunities in the cloud space, combined with a steady stream of cash.

Therefore, if you must invest in only one of these companies, it should be Microsoft.

Is Microsoft a good buy for 2020?

When demand is lower than supply, stocks fall. For 2020, Microsoft stock has seen strong demand – i.e., big buying. Software stocks were one of the best performing groups last year.

Will Microsoft stock keep going up?

Microsoft keeps on rolling. In 2019, the company continued its transformation from legacy software vendor to cloud giant. Microsoft’s  (ticker: MSFT) cloud traction is a big reason why its shares have significantly outperformed the market in 2019.

Is now a good time to buy Microsoft?

Short answer: Yes. Buying Microsoft stock in early 2020 is still a good proposition, though for short term traders, opening a new long position grows increasingly risky over time. Microsoft stock is currently in an uptrend.