Is It Worth Buying Microsoft Stock?

Is it good to buy Microsoft stock?

And with a dividend yield of around 1.5%, investors have a bit of an extra incentive for owning the stock.

While you won’t be getting a bargain by buying shares of Microsoft today, it is a quality, long-term investment that can generate some solid returns for you over the years.

Is Microsoft a good stock to buy 2019?

Microsoft Stock Technical Analysis

Microsoft stock sailed 53% higher in 2019. It has gained another 14% this year, through Wednesday’s session. That puts its year-to-date gain at better than double that of the Nasdaq, and more than four-times the YTD gains for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrials.

Is Microsoft a good buy for 2020?

Bank of America also just gave MSFT a $200 price target for 2020 thanks to Azure growth. Even more reason to love MSFT, for first quarter of fiscal year 2020, the company beat on revenue and profits. Revenue of $33.1 billion was up 14% YOY and well ahead of forecasts for $32.23 billion.

Why is Microsoft stock dropping?

Stocks sold off across the board on Friday as the coronavirus contagion worsened in South Korea and Japan. At least six of the 30 Dow Jones components, including Microsoft (MSFT), dropped 2% or more. That’s exactly what Microsoft stock has done, as the stock pulled back on Friday in heavy volume.