Is It Safe To Invest In Yes Bank?

Abhimanyu Sofat, Head of Research, IIFL Securities said, “We recommend caution to retail investors.

The critical thing to watch would be percentage dilution of equity taking into consideration the conversion of existing bonds issued by YES Bank into equity.” YES Bank has so far failed to bring a strategic investor.

Is it worth investing in Yes Bank?

If the reports are true that India’s largest lender State Bank of India will lead a consortium to invest in capital-starved Yes Bank, it is good news for the private sector bank and its shareholders.

Will Yes Bank recover?

Share price of private lender Yes Bank has recovered nearly 200 percent from the lows of Rs 5.55. RBI superseded YES Bank board and capped per day deposit withdrawal limit at Rs 50,000. However, any withdrawal over the amount will require the permission of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Is it safe to buy Yes Bank shares now?

As a depositor in YES bank, one should not panic as the depositor’s money is safe but as a shareholder, there is no value left for them and it is better to exit whatever price they get where no one should try to buy this stock as a fresh investment.”

Will Yes Bank share grow?

Reacting to SBI chief comments, YES Bank shares touched an intraday high of Rs 41.35, rising 7.54% on BSE today, against the previous close of Rs 38.45. The current market cap of the company stood at Rs 9,819 crore. YES Bank stock has been on gaining spree for the last two days and has risen 6.13% during the period.

What is the future of Yes Bank?

SBI is allowed to buy up to 49 percent stake in Yes Bank and appoint two nominee directors along with an initial investment of upto Rs 2,450 crore. The investment can be increased to Rs 10,000 crore in the next three years during which it will have to a maintain 26 percent stake in Yes Bank.

Is there any hope for Yes Bank?

Yes Bank fiasco: There is hope for small depositors. When Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed a moratorium on Yes Bank, restricting aggregate withdrawal to ₹50,000 until 3 April 2020, many compared it with the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank failure.

Is Yesbank recovering 2020?

National Stock Exchange (NSE) in its circular said that no Future and Options contracts shall be available in the Yes Bank for trading in the equity derivative segment from May 29, 2020 onwards.

Can I buy Yes Bank now?

India’s unprecedented bailout of YES Bank comes with an unusual rider: investors who hold more than 100 shares cannot sell 75% of their holding for at least three years. “With such forced orders, no one will now want to buy YES Bank shares.”

Can I buy Yes Bank shares for long term?

Hence, if you are a risk-taking investor, you may hold on to Yes Bank for long-term (2 to 3 years) to possibly recover a significant portion of cost. You may hold it with a target price of around Rs 65, which is close to 2 times its current adjusted book value.

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