Question: Is Google Going To Surpass Apple?

Will Google take over Apple?

It’s the same with iOS vs Android.

It’s all subjective.

Subjectively, Apple will never overtake Google.

Likewise, subjectively, Google will never overtake Apple.

Who is bigger Google or Apple?

There are different areas where we could use the “bigger” adjective: Their HQ size: Yes. Google’s HQ is approximately 3,500,00 square feet, while Apple is 2,800,000 square feet. Google market cap is of 833.705B.

Who is richer Google or Facebook?

Google is richer than Facebook. Google has an estimate $780 billion market cap, while Facebook’s estimate market value is $500 billion.

Which company is richer Apple or Samsung?

Samsung has a market capitalization of about $154 billion, barely a quarter the size of Apple’s. But if you believe that a company should be measured by how much it sells, rather than collective market opinion, it’s Apple that’s the second-largest electronics multinational in the world, behind only Samsung.