Quick Answer: Is Google Bad For Privacy?

It’s a bad privacy day for Google, with Privacy International first accusing the company of having the worst privacy performance of any internet service company in a study it has just released and then accusing Google of conducting a smear campaign against it.

Is Google invading our privacy?

As long as a big company like Google keeps your information to itself, only sharing it with you, that’s not an invasion of privacy. It only becomes an invasion of privacy if they share your personally identifiable information with others. Facebook has done that far too often. So far, Google has been trustworthy.

Should I be concerned about Google privacy?

While it’s not that Google is an unethical company out to compromise your security and privacy, it’s best to stay safe. One should be aware of what they are getting into and then make smart decisions. You can protect yourself once you understand what the companies are trying to steal from you.

Is Google search secure?

Benefits of Google Encrypted Search. Google launched a new beta service this week–encrypted search using SSL (secure sockets layer) to protect searches from being snooped or intercepted while traversing the Internet. It is not completely private because obviously Google still has a record of what you searched for.