Question: Is Flipkart In Profit Or Loss?

Does flipkart make profit?

Between 2013 and 2014, Flipkart has grown five times in volume terms and currently does a GMV of $4 billion. The company intends to double this to $8 billion (Rs 50,000 crore) by December 2015. But does it make money. In FY13, these entities had posted a revenue of Rs 1,195.9 crore and loss of Rs 344.6 crore.

Can flipkart survive?

Yes flipkart will survive a lot because they are introduce a new policies for sellers and most of sellers are not accepted their policies with respect to high rates, high commissions, fixed fees, collection fees and all the things.

What is the turnover of Flipkart?

$20 billion

Is Amazon running in loss?

Though Amazon’s international sales grew 34 percent, it recorded another hefty loss to the tune of $622 million, meaning Amazon is still spending far more than it makes in overseas markets. That said, the rest of the company’s business is healthy and growing. Amazon’s overseas loss seems to be increasing every year.

Is it profitable to sell on Flipkart?

Yes, it can not only be profitable, but you can build a fortune by selling on marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon provided you do the things right way. Though the number of successful sellers on different marketplaces is quite low but there are reasons for that.

Why is Amazon India in loss?


The loss reduced despite its expenses rising 15.6% to Rs 10,802 crore. The higher expenses were largely attributed to increased spending on delivery, where it rose 23.8% to Rs 3,663 crore, and a 26.5% jump in legal fees to Rs 1,448 crore.