Quick Answer: Is Facebook Stock A Good Investment?

Is Facebook stock a good buy?

Overall, Facebook is well-positioned to both weather the fallout of the coronavirus’s impact on the financial markets and emerge stronger than companies in other industries. That makes it worth your consideration as a stock to buy during the turmoil.

Is Facebook a good stock to buy 2020?

18, closing above the buy point at 202.50. That day, Deutsche Bank analyst Lloyd Walmsley touted FB stock as a top large-cap pick for 2020, citing “renewed strength” of its core Facebook app. Momentum continued into 2020. FB stock cleared its July 2018 record on Jan.

Will Facebook stock continue to rise?

For Facebook, the company’s stock continues to rise. After climbing over 50% last year, Facebook’s stock is already up over 5% so far in 2020. Despite a number of looming investigations from U.S. government agencies over competition and antitrust issues, the stock has hit several new all-time highs in recent weeks.

Why is Facebook stock going up?

Facebook stock dipped roughly 25.7% in 2018, largely because of the fallout of a string of data-privacy scandals and the threat that the company would be subject to increased regulation from government bodies.