Quick Answer: Is Coca Cola Still Growing?

Is Coca Cola still a good investment?

Thus, while Coca-Cola may not be immune to economic disruption arising from the COVID-19 outbreak, it is a safe, defensive investment of proven quality, with a strong balance sheet and superior operating characteristics to boot.

How fast does Coke grow?

The bank said Coke has among the best sales-growth potential of any consumer-staples company, although the market has yet to acknowledge this. The back story. Coke is up 3.7% year to date and has risen just over 18% in the trailing 12-month period.

Will Coca Cola ever go out of business?

After we put tighter restrictions on companies, the companies will have to shift, but the Coca-Cola company will not go completely out of business while there are 7+ billion people on earth. The human taste for sugar will always exist, but they may have to shift their products quite a bit.

Are soda sales declining?

As soda declines, bottled water continues to thrive. Coke and Pepsi brands declined 2% and 4.5%, respectively, by volume in the US in 2017, according to Beverage Digest’s annual report, which was released on Monday. Overall, the carbonated-soft-drink category declined 1.3% by volume, while bottled water grew 6.2%.