Question: Is Coca Cola A Good Investment?

Is Coca Cola a good buy?

Why Coca-Cola is a smart buy in a fragile market

Consequently, the organization now sports an operating margin of nearly 29%.

You’ll find very few large-cap consumer multinationals with this level of operating profitability.

Higher operating profits are translating into generous cash flow.

Is Coca Cola a good dividend stock?

Coke’s dividend is sweet, but these two stocks offer comparable yields and better long-term prospects. Coca-Cola’s (NYSE:KO) stock packs a 2.9% dividend yield, and the company has achieved Dividend King status by raising its payout for more than 50 years straight.

Is Coca Cola a safe stock?

The Coca-Cola Company (KO) reported better-then-expected earnings before the opening bell on Jan. Wall Street touts Coke as a safe investment with a 3.74% dividend yield. I like stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to have a dividend yield above 3% to be a member of the Dogs of the Dow for 2020.

How much is an original share of Coca Cola worth?

Later that year, Coca-Cola made its initial public offering (IPO) for $40 per share. If you had invested $40 into a single share of Coca-Cola in 1919 during the IPO, you own 9,216 shares after all the stock splits over the years. This equates to $394,500 as of March 26, 2020.