Quick Answer: Is Amazon A Retailer Wholesaler Or Broker?

Is Amazon a distributor or retailer?

Amazon is a bookstore.

It happens to be the largest bookstore in terms of sales in the United States.

It is not a distributor.

Yet, so many independently-published authors seem to think that Amazon is a distributor.

Is Amazon a wholesaler?

Amazon is not a wholesaler, it’s an online retailer. The purpose of Amazon.com and most other retailers is to make a profit on the products they sell with a markup. Retailers will buy a product from a wholesaler for the lowest possible price, add a 50%-150% margin and resell the product in their retail store.

What is the difference between a wholesaler and a retailer?

The word wholesale simply means selling in bulk quantities and retail stands for selling merchandise in small quantities. While a wholesaler sells goods to the businesses, as they purchase goods to sell it further. On the other hand, a retailer targets final consumer and sells goods to them.

What is the difference between Amazon com and Amazon marketplace?

Amazon marketplace sells both used and new items whereas Amazon.com only sells brand new items. However, both Amazon and Amazon marketplace offer a catalogue of products which include a rating system, product info and etc online which one can browse through and choose from in leisure.