Question: Is 800 A Week Good Money?

$800 per week is about $42,000 per year which is not a king’s salary by any stretch, but also represents a much greater standard of living than our current minimum wage earning families.

How much an hour is $800 a week?

Simplest case, you earn $800 in two weeks, equals $10.00 per hour.

Is 700 dollars a week good?

If you make over 700 a week it means that you are making more than minimum wage. Which most people on minimum wage only make around 375 a week. So yeah 700 dollars a week is good.

How much money should you make a week?

The median individual income for full-time workers in the United States is currently $876 per week, or $45,552 per year. But that rises and falls depending on how close you are to peak earning age, which is typically around age 49 for men and 40 for women.

Is 400 a week good money?

If you make $400 a week and have fixed expenses of $75 a week, that’s a disposable income of $325 a week. Not an insignificant amount of money! That’s ~15 grand a year. Work on getting more money for your time while not increasing your standard of living and you can really save some cash to invest.