Is 10000 Dollars A Month Good?

$10K per month is an exceedingly good income.

As Matt indicated only a small fraction of people make that much.

But it does also depend on where you live.

Depends on the market of your salary for that income.

How much is 10000 a month a year?

Since there are 12 months in a year, you can estimate the average monthly earnings from your $10,000 salary as $833.33 per month.

Is 12000 a month good money?

As others have mentioned, it obviously depends on what job you have. But the median income in the US is $43,585 per year[1] . The gross average monthly wage in the US was $4,892 in 2015[2] . So compared to that $12,000 is also good.

Is 6000 dollars a month a good salary?

Secondly, you will have to earn a minimum salary of $ 6000/month so as to enable good and comfortable life in USA’s cost affordable cities. If your earning is in between 3000$ to 5000$ you can manage but very difficult to get appartment according to your need.

Can you retire on $10 000 a month?

Thus, if you want $10,000 per month, you must have a lump sum of $1.96 million. If you feel like you have really good genes and expect to live 30 years in retirement, then the present value of that stream of money must be $269,000 per $1,000, or $2.69 million for $10,000 per month.