How Strong Is The Pound Today?

How strong is the pound?

Pound Sterling Relative Performance

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Has the pound gone up today?

The Pound is besieged by a multitude of risks and was in retreat from the Euro and Dollar Friday as analysts warned that more losses could be likely in the short-term.

Pound Sterling-Euro Exchange Rate:1.1314 (-0.58%)
Euro-Pound Sterling Exchange Rate:0.8838

Why is the pound so weak?

The present weakness has been caused by jittery markets as MPs return from summer recess and the chances of a general election rising, causing more Brexit uncertainty and angst. But the global picture was considerably different 34 years ago when the pound was last at it lowest.

Will the pound get stronger against the euro?

“As it stands, the pound is currently 9 percent lower against the euro compared to the day of the referendum back in June 2016 so there is a lot of room for improvement but there’s also a chance it could fall further again.”