Quick Answer: How Much Is Apple’s Debt?

Apple’s EV went from $600 billion at the end of 2017 to $1.12 trillion, doubling.

This comes as the company’s market cap and cash have risen steadily.

With that, Apple’s net debt has fallen from nearly $50 billion last year to $14 billion as of the second quarter of 2019.

Why does Apple have so much debt?

However, due to th growth of the company, investors have been asking for dividends and share buybacks. In order to afford this Apple needed cash in the US, that is why they sold bonds (debt). These bonds, which were sold at historically low interest rates, provided Apple with billions in cash in the US.

How much is Walmart’s debt?

Walmart’s total debt was $42.7 billion as of Jan. 2017 and $42.5 billion in 2016, so the three-year trend leading to 2019 was clearly toward a higher debt burden.

How much cash does Apple have 2020?

Today after the bell, Apple reported the results of the first quarter of its fiscal 2020. The company’s revenue totaled $91.8 billion, far ahead of expectations of $88.43 billion. At the same time, the company’s per-share profit of $4.99 was greater than the market-anticipated figure of $4.54 per share.

How much debt does Amazon have?

Amazon increased its U.S. government and agency securities holdings by a record $6.8 billion in 2018, ending the year with $11.7 billion worth of the debt, the most ever, according to the company’s annual report.