Quick Answer: How Much Do Amazon Warehouse Workers Make A Month?

What is the starting pay at Amazon warehouse?

Amazon had been paying a starting minimum wage of $11 an hour, and said its average wage for full-time workers at the fulfillment centers where it packages and sorts orders was more than $15 an hour.

It had not disclosed pay for part-time and contract workers.

How much does an Amazon warehouse worker earn?

The average U.S. warehouse worker, at Amazon or anywhere else, earns a third more than a retail worker. The median hourly wage of a warehouse worker is $13.50, or about 30% more than the average U.S. retail worker’s pay of $10.09, according to the Department of Labor.

How often do Amazon warehouse workers get paid?

Do you get paid every week ir every two weeks? Seasonal, part-time employees are paid every week on Friday.

How much do Amazon workers make an hour?

Amazon.com Inc pays its employees an average of ₤9.42 an hour. Hourly pay at Amazon.com Inc ranges from an average of ₤7.56 to ₤13.80 an hour.