Question: How Much Did The Stock Market Drop In 2008?

What percentage did the stock market drop in 2008?


How much did the stock market drop in the Great Recession?

The 2008 stock market crash took place on Sept. 29, 2008, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 777.68 percent. This was the largest single-day loss in Dow Jones history up to this point. It came on the heels of Congress’ rejection of the bank bailout bill.

How long did it take the stock market to recover after the 2008 crash?

The markets took about 25 years to recover to their pre-crisis peak after bottoming out during the Great Depression. In comparison, it took about 4 years after the Great Recession of 2007-08 and a similar amount of time after the 2000s crash.

What was the lowest stock market in 2008?

Dow to 13,600 in 2008 Crash Scenario

From its intra-day peak of 14,198 on Oct. 11, 2007, to the market low of 6,469 on Mar. 6, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial average lost 54% of its value. If it loses 54% of its 29,551.42 all time high on Feb.

Will the stock market crash in 2020?

Black Monday was a global stock market crash on 9 March 2020 that occurred during the 2020 stock market crash. In the United States, a trading curb, or circuit breaker, was triggered after stocks dropped sharply, halting trade for 15 minutes. The FTSE 100 Index opened 560 points (8.6%) lower to 5920.

Are we headed for a recession?

In an August 2019 survey of 226 economists conducted by the National Association for Business Economics, 38 percent of respondents said they believe the U.S. will enter its next recession in 2020, and 34 percent picked 2021; only 14 percent say it will occur after that.