Question: How Is Target Cost Calculated?

Definition: The target cost of a product is the expected selling price of the product minus the desired profit from selling it.

In other words, target cost is really a measure of how low costs need to be to make a certain profit.

How is target selling price calculated?

To calculate target selling price, divide your total costs (remember that’s variable costs plus allocated fixed costs) by your Sales Price Multiplier. In our example, our total costs equal $115 and our Sales Price Multiplier equals 67%.

How is target cost calculated in SAP?

How is target cost calculated. Target quantity = planned quantity / planned output quantity or lot size * actual output quantity.

What is the target cost per unit?

Target Cost per unit: Target cost per unit is the estimated or predicted long run cost per unit of production of any product or service that when sold at a desired target price would enable a company to achieve or attain a predefined targeted income per unit.

How is the cost of gap calculated?



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