How Do You Double A Penny For 30 Days?

How much is a penny a day doubled for 30 days?

A Penny Doubled Everyday.

Quite a big difference once you look at it as you would be getting over 5 million dollars with the penny doubled everyday for 30 days route.

How much is a penny worth if it doubles everyday for 31 days?

By day #18 the doubling penny is now worth $1,301.72.

And by day #31 – as promised – we’ve crossed the $10 Million mark at a staggering $10,737,418.23.

How many times do you double a penny to make a million?

Yes, $10.7 million when you take $0.01 and double it everyday for a month.

What is the formula for doubling?

This number can be found using the Rule of 70, which describes the formula dt = 70 / r, where dt is the doubling time, and r is the annual rate of growth.