How Did Facebook Get Its Name?

On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched a new website called TheFacebook.

He named the site after the directories that were handed out to university students to help them to get to know one another better.

Over time, Zuckerberg enlisted a few of his fellow students to help grow the website.

Why do they call it Facebook?

Why is it called Facebook? The university called these student catalogues Face Books, because they were literally books of the faces you might see around campus. The Face Books would eventually serve as the inspiration for a campus-wide social network.

What was the original name of Facebook?


How did Facebook get started?

It all began in 2003, when Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg created an online programme called “Facemash”, which allowed users to objectify fellow students by comparing photos of their faces and selecting who they deemed as “hotter”. Online “face books” already existed at Harvard at the time.

Why did Facebook change its name?

Facebook says it will amend its controversial “real name” policy. “People need to feel safe and be confident they know who they are communicating with,” says Facebook. “When people use the names they are known by, their actions and words carry more weight because they are more accountable for what they say.